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Securus Technologies is one of the prison phone service systems that offer inmates, in correctional institutions, a number of options for communicating with their friends and family. Securus Technologies, Inc. is one of the largest providers of detainee communications and information management solutions, serving approximately 2,200 correctional facilities, more than 850,000 inmates, and an estimated 7 million friends & family members nationwide.

A number of communications programs such as Prepaid, Direct, Debit, Prepaid Calling Cards, Voice Mail Messaging, Anywhere Acceptance and Electronic Mail are offered by Securus Technologies.

First Call Connect

Inmates can make calls to their family and friends and can briefly chat with them to alert them of the services from Securus Technologies. After a few minutes, the system prompts the called party to open a prepaid account for future conversations.

Anywhere Acceptance

This program allows users to list multiple phone numbers on which they can receive calls from inmates so that they are contactable wherever they may be. Once the phone numbers have been registered, they simply need to enter a user identification number to accept a call.

Prepaid Inmate Calling Cards

The prepaid cards in various denominations are available for inmate to make call to phone numbers from the facility.

AdvanceConnect Account

AdvanceConnect account is a friend & family-owned prepaid calling account that allows users to receive collect calls from inmates and have the charges deducted automatically from users prepaid account.

The AdvanceConnect Prepaid Account has the following features:

  • Multiple phone numbers are provided so that one can be contacted anywhere.
  • You can receive inmate calls as long as funds are available in your account. An AdvanceConnect account owner is responsible for charges associated with all telephone numbers added to the account.
  • With an AdvanceConnect all calls will connect to all phone types such as landline phones, cell phones, and internet phones (such as VOiP carriers).
  • AutoPay and TextPay are available on AdvanceConnect accounts.

Direct Bill Account

A Direct Bill account is a friends and family-owned calling account that allows friends and family members to receive collect calls from inmates and have the call charges billed directly from Securus to the Direct Bill account holder each month. Friend and family members are required to pass a credit check in order to be approved for a Direct Bill account. This account is a good option if the inmate is incarcerated for longer than two years.

Debit Accounts

Inmates can also make use of debit accounts to make phone call payments by accessing the funds in their trust account. This can be done from the prison itself and has the benefit of the inmates being able to control and maintain their inmate calling account themselves.

Jail Voicemail

In case the user is not available when the inmates make a call, a voicemail message can be recorded and left.

Secure Instant Mail

The system allows users to send emails to inmates at participating correctional facilities. They can send multiple emails in a single day.

Automated Information Services
This service can be installed at any given facility. The voice recognition feature of the system allows an automated handling of the caller questions thereby avoiding long holding times.

Video Services

Securus Video Visitation is a 100% web-based solution that allows you to remotely visit with incarcerated ones. You can schedule your video visits in advance online according to approved visitation hours. The video visitation system allows you to schedule when they are available. The inmate is notified of the scheduled visit in advance and can check in at the time of the visit.

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Phone Number: 1-800-844-6591

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