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PAY-TEL is the leading Inmate Phone Service Provider which provides the services and the equipment that enables inmates to keep in touch with family and friends. This jail phone service is currently provided by PAY-TEL Communications to several regions in the southeastern part of the United States. The  Jails in the following states can access this service:

  • Virginia

  • North Carolina

  • South Carolina

  • Tennessee

  • Georgia

  • Alabama

  • Florida

PAY-TEL Communications offers its customers an internet-based system. With the help of their services, a user can set up accounts and perform activities such as check balances, ask for refunds, make payments or even block and unblock any specific number. The user is provided with automated customer service to aid them in solving any problems. PAY-TEL communications customers have 24-hour access to an Automated Customer Service Phone System in case they encounter any problems while connecting with the inmates, they can access support and solutions from the customer service at any time.

In the following scenarios the PAY-TEL Communications prison phone service can be beneficial to users:

1. When the user wants to budget their call costs.

2. If the user wants to benefit from discounts on collect call.

3. When the billing limit for collect calls with a specific local company is reached.

4. If the phone number has been blocked and is not able to receive calls from inmates.

5. If the wireless carrier or local telephone company does not allow billing to a particular inmate’s collect calls.

Features of PAY-TEL Communications Jail Phone Service

  • The billing is done by PAY-TEL when the user has accepted the call. When the call is put through, the system will automatically inform the user about the details of the caller, name, and the facility. Only after the call has been accepted by the called party, will the billing start.
  • The user can also listen to the call charges in the case of collect calls.
  • Discount is offered to those who set up Family Connection Calling Plan Prepaid Accounts, which is cheaper when compared to standard rates with their local telephone company.

Accounts Offered By PAY-TEL Communications

Two kinds of accounts are offered by PAY-TEL:

  • PAY-TEL Direct Bill Account: In this type of account, the user must provide a credit application. After the user receives a satisfactory Beacon Credit Score, he will be allowed to receive calls till the time the credit is finished or he has reached the credit limit.

Rates of service are available on –

  • Family Connection Calling Plan: The account offers discounts on every call received, depending on the prepaid amount that has been deposited. The user is not required to produce any credit check for this prepaid account.

Collect Calls:

While providing inmates ready access to phone service the priority is to protect from any form of harassment or criminal activity. The solution to meet the goal of easy access to the telephone while protecting the public is the automated collect call. The intent is to notify the called party of a call from an inmate facility from a named inmate and then allow the called party to refuse or accept the call. The automated collect call prevents harassing or unwanted calls from being placed to witnesses, attorneys, judges or members of law enforcement.

The specialized equipment with call controls, call tracking and call recording with monitoring helps law enforcement prevent further criminal activity.

Details of Payments:

MasterCard and Visa Card are acceptable for making payments to PAY-TEL for advance payments. Payment by check, MoneyGram, check card, debit card or Western Union is also acceptable. The third party will levy a processing fee on the user and this will vary according to the payment options that the user has chosen. The minimum processing fee is $3 and the minimum amount that is acceptable as payment is $25. The user is also required to pay a monthly Bill Processing Fee in addition to the calling charges. These amounts are included in the local telephone bill every month along with the billing of collect calls from the jail. PAY-TEL claims to charge this Bill Processing Fee in order to recover the cost of billing, collecting and remitting different fees mandated by the government.

PAY-TEL Contact Information


Phone Number: 1-800-729-8355

Website Contact Page:

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