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NCIC (Network Communications International Corp.) is one of the largest privately owned Telephone Service Companies in the United States. Telephone services, as well as operator services, are provided by NCIC inmate phone service on a wholesale basis to serve inmates housed in jails. The special software is known as Inmate Call Engine or ICE and is specifically targeted to correctional facilities.

ICE is a centralized call switching and computing system, which connects the inmate phones over a VOIP network and not the less secure Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). This is an important security distinction as many ITS’ connect the inmate phones to the PSTN through a local line.

Inmate Telephone Service Solution is designed for existing inmate phone service providers and for those interested in providing phone service to inmate facilities. Existing service providers, along with new operators, can take advantage of this centralized management system from NCIC. All that needs to be done on the service provider’s end is to provide contacts, telephones and on-location services to the prisoners. Other responsibilities, such as billing, collection services, setting the tariffs, validation and customer service for the inmates, is taken care of the ICE platform by NCIC inmate phone service.

Special features can be provided through NCIC inmate phone service including coinless pay phones. Managing the system is done via internet, whereby jail authorities can access call recording services without making any additional payment.

NCIC Jail Phone Service System:

  • Fully redundant switching equipment which has the capacity to for handle more than

120,000 calls at the same time

  • Calls limited on the basis of usage/frequency
  • Voice mail for inmates
  • Advanced billing options
  • Kiosk
  • Support for several languages
  • Speed dial can be programmed
  • All data has real time back up
  • Technology developed to authenticate voice
  • Voice over Internet Protocol – VoIP
  • Architecture based on centralized call processing
  • Real time operators assisting prepaid collect calls for inmates, 24 hours a day
  • PINs or personal identifications numbers used for restricting inmate calls
  • Comprehensive prepaid calling platform
  • Blended debit and collect calls
  • Announcements can be customized
  • Free call options
  • Automatic customer service for inmates
  • Integrated voice recording provided for international calls
  • Real time reports available
  • Web based call details
  • Real time call monitoring
  • Help desk support 24 hours a day
  • Necessary information on inmates can be automatically imported
  • Real time call blocking over secure web interface
    • Prepaid collect system – assisted by real time operators

Undoubtedly NCIC owns and operates the largest privately held inmate telephones company in the world.

NCIC Inmate Phone Enhanced Billing Solutions

  • International Collect Calling – Mexico Collect

NCIC is the first competitive carrier to introduce international collect calling in conjunction with its revenue share programs. NCIC operators are able to complete collect calls to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada and the UK (England, Scotland and Northern Ireland) due to direct billing agreements with the dominant carriers in these countries. NCIC will report these international collect calls in real-time call detail records, allowing you to quickly evaluate the successes and profitability of the offer on your phones.

  • Bank Card Collect

Bank Card Collect is an indisputably instant success in helping you increase your collect calls from your phones / telecom services. NCIC’s operator use the bank card collect to connect calls to Cell phones or international destinations where they do not have collect billing agreements. This product is ideal for confinement facilities and pay phones allowing callers with no payment alternatives to place calls to a called party that has a credit card in which they can bill the call.

  • Prepaid Calling

NCIC’s Comprehensive Inmate Prepaid Calling feature adds support for Prepaid inmate phone calls within the confines of the I.C.E. platform. When implemented, Prepaid Calling is integrated into I.C.E. call processing and provides the following functionality:

  1. Allows or restricts calls based on standard I.C.E call controls such as PIN, called number, phone used, and time of day.
  2. Checks account balance to determine whether the inmate has enough funds to place the call.
  3. Configures Debit and Collect calling based on the call type: Local, Intra, and International.
  4. Inputs balance transactions for inmate accounts or pre-paid calling cards.
  5. Low Funds – offering collect call processing
  6. Low Funds – unable to process Prepaid-only calls
  7. Prompts inmate callers about minimum and maximum call durations based on account balances.
  8. Reports on:

a. Account and System balance transactions

b. Call charges applied to the inmate account

c. Pre-paid phone numbers for Account

NCIC Telephone Services Contact Information


Phone Number: 1-800-943-2189

Website Contact Page:

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NCIC Telephone Services

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