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Legacy Inmate Communications is a provider of inmate telephone services. Any type of inmate facilities, such as state, county as well as regional and municipality, correctional institutions located in the US are serviced by Legacy Inmate Communications.

Services provided by Legacy Inmate Communications:

  • Fully automated inmate calls.
  • Call Recording.
  • Live monitoring features
  • Customizable call reporting for Administrative and Investigative Purposes.
  • Locally-based site repair and administration
  • Billing options – prepaid and debit card.
  • Direct Billing from Legacy Inmate Communications for Traditional non billable calls (CLEC calls).
  • PIN Applications
  • Blocked call reductions

A Friends and Family Service Account from Legacy Inmate Communications offers inmate calling, video visitation from home, or instant messaging an inmate.

The following services are available with a Friends and Family Service Account:

Prepaid Calling

  • Incoming calls can be received directly on your cell phone.
  • If a block by your local telephone company prohibiting collect calls has been set in place, an account is a great way to eliminate this block and allow for seamless communications.
  • Prepaid Calling helps the amount of funds being spent on inmate calling.

Remote Video Visitation

  • Visit from anywhere, anytime!
  • It’s a convenient way to visit, manage, and control the amount of funds being spent on your visitation sessions.
  • Logon to Legacy’s website, register, and begin visiting.

Instant Messaging

  • Inmate Messaging provides an alternative form of communications.
  • Messages can be generated and delivered from virtually any location.
  • User-friendly and fully intuitive.

Advantages of Prepaid Option

  • As most cell phone companies do not allow billing for collect calls or operator assisted calls, friends and family may need to set up a prepaid collect account in order to receive calls from inmates.
  • If a block has been set up on your phone by the CLEC, or Local Exchange Carrier, you will have to set up such an account.
  • Prepaid Collect accounts helps in controlling how much you spend on communications with an inmate.

Cost of Prepaid Calls

  • The minimum amount for prepaid collect services is $15 and all charges will be deducted from this amount upon completion of the call. An automated operator will notify you of your account balance every time you accept a call.
  • You will also be required to pay an establishment fee, which is a onetime fee before setting up a prepaid account. This is in addition to the $15 minimum amount to be paid for setting up an account. However, this is to be paid only once and after setting up an account, there is no other establishment fee to be paid again and the amount in the balance can be topped up without any further charges.
  • Charges for calling per minute will also differ from facility to facility according to the location of the correctional institution. Rates are quoted by the operator when you accept your first call or simply contact Legacy’s Prepaid Collect Customer Service Department.

If your account balance has run low on funds, an inmate can still contact your number, but the length of their call will be determined by the remaining balance in the account. Upon a zero balance being reached, services will be interrupted until sufficient payment has been received. You will also be notified far in advance of this decreased balance in order to help you manage your account funds more accurately.

You can visit the Legacy Inmate Communications website and recharge the existing account or make a call to 888-PAY-4-FAM (888-729-4326) and provide the telephone number of the account.

Payment Options for Prepaid Account

  • All Major Credit/Bank Cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, etc.)
  • MoneyGram
  • Western Union
  • PayPal
  • Check or Money Order

Time Required Before Receiving Calls From The Inmate After Setting Up The Account

The user can receive calls within 30 minutes of setting up an account through the website or by calling 888-PAY-4326 if payment is made by credit card or PayPal.

The user paying through Western Union, MoneyGram, cashier’s check or money order will receive an acknowledgement through email or phone call of the payment and the account will be activated within one working day of receiving the payment.

Legacy Inmate Communications Contact Information

Website: https://www.legacyinmate.com/

Phone Number: 888-729-4326/ 877-553-4440

Website Contact Page: https://www.legacyinmate.com/prepaid/contactus

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