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Encartele is a leading provider of inmate telephone services.

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol technology is used by Encartele inmate telephone service for providing voice communication to correctional facilities. Multiple data/switching centres’ are used along with networks in order to process and rout calls made by inmates. The service provides a centralized solution and offers a system of high-level redundancy that the user can access with complete security provided for data management.

Encartele’s data and switching systems are located in highly secure and environmentally safe data centers with direct fiber network connections to the network.

All system management is performed via internet based web portal and access is available anywhere there is an internet connection.

The switching centers are perfectly synchronized with one another and the phone system offered to prisons is very reliable and efficient. Authorized personnel, including affiliated government agencies such as the US Marshall Service, FBI, ATF etc, can access the inmate telephone system from anywhere. The system allows retrieving call detail records, restrict/allow numbers and monitoring live calls from any computer with an internet connection.

Encartele has switching centers that are designed to provide continuous service even if part of the infrastructure goes down. This is achieved through routing between the gateway equipment and switching centers. All gateways are programmed to watch both switching centers when processing calls. In the event if a particular switching center is not available, the gateway will automatically redirect to the other switching center. This method of delivering services greatly increases the network availability and reliability.

Features of the Encartele Jail Phone Service System:

  • 3-way call detection
  • Live monitoring
  • Tiered security access control
  • Programmable speed dialing
  • Integrated voice recording
  • Free call capabilities
  • Call restriction tables
  • Call allow tables
  • Flexible telephone service scheduling
  • Blended debit/collect calling
  • Multiple language support
  • Call limits by usage and frequency
  • Call duration timing
  • Web based system management, recording playback, reporting, service system and account management
  • Calling card system
  • Prepaid system
  • Visitation Recording and Monitoring
  • JMS Integration
  • Personal ID numbers (PINS)
  • Customized reports

The recordings and details of calls are stored at a distant site and can only be accessed by those authorized to do so. Several security measures are put in place by Encartele prison phone service system, so that inmate data is kept secure:

  • Biometric palm readers.
  • A closed circuit video operates 24 hours a day along with an alarm reporting system.
  • HVAC redundant design with air distribution under raised flooring for maximum temperature control.
  • Double interlock, pre-action, dry pipe fire suppression.
  • Uninterruptible redundant AC and DC power systems.

Web Portal

Encartele inmate telephone service Web Portal has been designed to provide easy and efficient access to authorized staff for running real-time call detail investigations, listening to recordings, blocking or allowing telephone numbers and controlling telephone on/off times. The features also incorporate a user management system that enables the adding or deleting of users.

The web based portal consists of the EnSight Reporting system that provides standard call detail reporting and on-line commission statements as well as any custom reports that may be required for any particular facility.

Collect Calling Features

Collect calling is provided to customers who have telephone numbers that can accept, and be billed on their local telephone bill, for collect calls. Encartele inmate telephone service will also perform all verifications and checks before connecting such calls. These verifications include:

  • Verifying whether the called number can accept collect calls.
  • Verifying that the local telephone company can bill for collect calls
  • Verifying that the recipient number is not blocked
  • Verifying that the recipient number has not reached their billing limit

Prepaid Accounts

In addition to collect calling, all customers can have access to prepaid accounts. Customers can control and limit the amount of calls made to a particular number. The account also enables inmates to contact cellular numbers or numbers that cannot be otherwise billed as a traditional collect call. After an approved deposit is processed after setting up an account, customers can start receiving calls.

Encartele’s prepaid collect accounts use the MinuteMizer program, providing bonuses for clients who deposit $40 or more at once. Bonuses are calculated by percentage, so the more you deposit, the more you can earn.

Prepaid Calling Card

Prepaid calling cards are sold directly to the correctional facility residents through the institutions commissary system. These cards can only be utilized on Encartele’s network. There are several denominations in which the prepaid calling cards are sold, such as $5 and $10, which are most common. These denominations are decided by the jail authorities. Residents can purchase prepaid calling cards and place calls to domestic US telephone numbers as well as international telephone numbers.

Encartele Contact Information

Website: http://www.encartele.net/

Phone Number: 888-231-3393

Website Contact Page: http://www.encartele.net/contact/

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